What's Past is NOT Forgotten

ABOUT the Author

Gayle Johnson is the fifth of eight children born to the late Charles Johnson, Sr. and Jean Johnson. A native Washingtonian, she now resides in Capitol Heights, Maryland in Princes George County.

She is a proud parent of two adult children and a doting grandmother of four. Reading, writing, and recording newsworthy events has always been a daily pastime for Gayle. Her interest in creative writing was piqued at age fourteen while attending a boarding school when she created her first short story.

Encouraged by her peers, Gayle was motivated to continue writing, expanding her writing talent to poetry and writing erotic short stories. A series of personal tragedies prompted Gayle to pursue her creative writing and her dream of publishing a book some day.

In 2006, after the loss of a twenty year career in the medical field, Ms. Johnson wrote her first masterpiece; a mind grabbing, heart wrenching fictional story that takes you back in the day where what's past is not forgotten.

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What's the Story

It's funny how your past is in the past, but not forgotten.

Out of the ashes of your past, events often loom like ghosts to haunt your present. Good friends who become enemies, the trials and pain of lost first loves, and the shame of hidden dark secrets are but a few of the ultimate betrayals when the past is not forgotten.

Journey back in time to Knox Hill Projects in S.E. Washington, D.C. where you will laugh and cry, sharing in the bitterness as harsh, emotional teen angst is revisited as adults in What's Past is Not Forgotten.


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What's Past is NOT Forgotten

COMING Feb. 2009!


Ever since her break up with Ray Shawn, Nina Madison has been trying to move on with her life. Love is a cliché. She was so disappointed and emotionally empty.

Nina worked as a social worker on Vermont Avenue, N.W. in one of the city’s largest shelters for unwed mothers. She buried herself in work; though the work was fulfilling, it was not enough. Working overtime, taking on extra cases, was not enough to erase from her mind, the memories of the two people she trusted and loved unconditionally and how they broke her heart.

She missed Ray Shawn. The lovemaking, kissing, touching, and talking.... She missed his very soul. If only she had called, before going to his house that day. Instead, she had used the key to let herself in and quietly slipped upstairs to his bedroom only to see the shock of her life. Her best friend, Joi Parker and the man she loved were so engrossed in the sexual position Joi Parker was best at.

They didn't notice her standing there. Shocked, she backed out of the room and quietly left. Erratic thoughts raced like a pack of crazed mice through her mind... how could the two people who she loved with all her heart and soul hurt her so bad?

Author, poet, and publisher M.L. Jacobs has brought together a collection of scorching hot poetry and steamy short stories that promises to make the most hardened erotica fan blush.

A delicious ensemble of succulent and scintillating short stories blended with sexually explicit poetry from many of today's new authors.

It is three chapters of sixty-nine poems and stories that range from sexy to sizzling, demure to dark and everything in between.


  With stories like  ...
  • 2004 Low Rider
  • Saturday night
  • Handcuffed
  • The Afternoon Visit
  • Read Between the Lines
  • When You Rise

... to name just a few, it is nearly impossible for ardent fans of outstanding adult genre literature to resist temptation.